Welcome Home.Our shared history gives us the chance to make incredible connections.

We have a wonderful community - growing and expanding every day.We believe that Youth Of Unity Alumni are some of the coolest people on the planet.

We have a variety of ways you can get involved with our community. We are so excited that you are here.Our time, whether in the same years or spread across decades, in Y.O.U is a common thread which ties us all together. We want to promote ways to keep this awesome community together.

Our Facebook Presence

Our Facebook group was formed in 2013.Since its inception, it has had a focus on both our shared history and on who we are now. We are interested in answering: how did being members of Youth of Unity change us into the people we are now?If you haven't already, please join us. It's a great place to look at old pictures, find old friends, and make new connections.Additionally, we have a Facebook page. Like us here to keep in touch with what we are doing as an organization.

Our Instagram

Our Instagram was created 2020 to align with our first Virtual Fall Rally.The feed itself is focused on promoting current events and sharing photos of our shared Y.O.U history. Our stories are a chance to interact with Alumni and share event more amazing things we are working on.We love to share. Please feel free to send us your photos and memories from your time in Y.O.U so we can spread the Alumni love.

Alumni Village
Our Year-Round Discord Server

After hosting rallies on the discord system, we wanted to be create a space to connect there year round. We created our Alumni Village Server on Discord.We have hosted meditations, yoga, workshops, and a variety of events on this server.For access - please fill out this form so that we can verify that you are an alumni.

Spotify Playlists

We have curated a number of playlists on Spotify-feel free to take a listen.Some of these playlists are collaborative, but some we have just created.


Our LinkedIn Group seeks to connect YOU Alumni in our professional journeys on LinkedIn.


Our YouTube channel has a variety of our older rally workshops. It's always growing and accumulating with content shared at our rallies and other events.Check it out and subscribe.

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We hope you will join us for rally!

We also host pretty awesome virtual rallies, which are totally accessible.

Since 2020 - we have begun hosting virtual rallies. These events have completely changed our organization for the better. We have seen the power of intergenerational connections.While we are holding a vision of hosting in person events, we also see great value in hosting these events online.If you are interested in rallies and events we have hosted previously - check out our Archives.Information about Future Events can be found here.We look forward to connecting with all of you at rally!